Conference Papers

  1. Kai Li, Yibo Wang, Yuzhe Tang. DETER: Denial of Ethereum Txpool sERvices, ACM CCS 2021. AR=22%. [pdf], [medium report (Korean)]. [report (Chinese)], [CVE-2022-23327], [CVE-2022-23328] .

  2. Kai Li, Jiaqi Chen, Xianghong Liu, Yuzhe Tang, XiaoFeng Wang, Xiapu Luo. “As Strong As Its Weakest Link: How to Break Blockchain DApps at RPC Service”, NDSS 2021, AR=15.2%. [pdf], [medium report (Korean)].

  3. Kai Li, Yuzhe Tang, Jiaqi Chen, Yibo Wang, Xianghong Liu. TopoShot: Uncovering Ethereum’s Network Topology Leveraging Replacement Transactions, ACM IMC 2021, AR=28%. [pdf]

  4. Yibo Wang, Qi Zhang, Kai Li, Yuzhe Tang, Jiaqi Chen, Xiapu Luo, Ting Chen. “iBatch: Saving Ethereum Fees via Secure and Cost-Effective Batching of Smart-Contract Invocations”, ESEC/FSE 2021, AR=24.5%. [pdf]

  5. Kai Li, Yuzhe Tang, Qi Zhang, Jianliang Xu, Ju Chen. “Authenticated Key-Value Stores with Hardware Enclaves”, ACM/IFIP Middleware 2021 (industrial track).

  6. Kai Li, Yuzhe Tang, Jiaqi Chen, Zhehu Yuan, Cheng Xu, Jianliang Xu. “Cost-Effective Data Feeds to Blockchains via Workload-Adaptive Data Replication”, ACM/IFIP Middleware 2020, AR=25.2%. [pdf] [code]

  7. Kai Li, Yuzhe Tang, Jianliang Xu, Ben Kim. “Secure Consistency Verification for Untrusted Cloud Storage by Public Blockchains”, SecureComm 2019, AR=25.5% [pdf]

  8. Yuzhe Tang, Ju Chen, Kai Li. “Log-Structured Authenticated Data Structures for Secure Cloud Storage with Minimal Trust”, SecureComm 2019, [pdf]

  9. Qiwu Zou, Yuzhe Tang, Ju Chen, Kai Li, Charles Kamoua, Kevin Kwiat, Laurent Njilla. “ChainFS: Blockchain-Secured Cloud Storage”, IEEE Cloud 2018, [slides]

Workshop Papers

  1. Kai Li, Qi Zhang, Lei Yu, Min Hong. “DRL-Clusters: Buffer Management with Clustering based Deep Reinforcement Learning”, Workshop on Databases and AI @NeurIPS 2021.
  2. Yuzhe Tang, Kai Li, Yibo Wang, Sencer Burak Somuncuoglu. “Scalable Log Auditing on Private Blockchains via Lightweight Log-Fork Prevention”, SERIAL 2020, [pdf]

Journal Papers

  1. Yuzhe Tang, Kai Li, Katchaguy Areekijseree, Shuigeng Zhou, Liting Hu. “Privacy-Preserving Multi-Party Directory Services”, EAI Endorsed Transactions on Security and Safety.